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Learn why federal agencies and commercial firms look to Oscar L. Frazier as the leading authority in the leadership training and development arena.

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Oscar has earned a reputation where Fortune 500, Big 4/5 Consulting Firms, Federal Agencies, and top executives trust him with their Leaders and teams at the most pivotal and sensitive times that require a zero-room-for-error experienced leader to come in to evoke change immediately.

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“Oscar is a very energetic and dedicated executive with a wealth of deep industry knowledge. I have had the pleasure of working with Oscar on several projects as well as cooperating on the build of our internal PMO. He is precise, detail oriented and has a keen eye for the formalization of processes.

I have come to depend on Oscar and consider him a trusted partner.”

“Oscar is a sharp, articulate, and dependable resource. During his time with Booz Allen Hamilton, he was able to hit the ground running, and proved himself to be a true asset to our firm and the Washington market. Oscar is a true leader and displays this attribute well with clients.”

“Over the past 11 years it has been a pleasure and an honor to know Oscar Frazier. As a mentor and strategic partner to Oscar, I have witnessed how his personal core values and work ethic have led to the success of the companies he has worked with as well as lifting all of those around him to higher levels of performance. Although he has excelled in his work life, it is his tireless approach to working in the community and providing a positive example for others to follow.

Mr. Frazier has gone above and beyond in his work and personal life to be a role model that we should all look to for inspiration as well as having our up and coming staff look to as an example. He is a beacon of light for your organization.”

“I worked with Oscar within the Lean Six Sigma Community of Practice at Booz Allen. During this time, I watched a true leader and professional in action through Oscar. In a short period of time, Oscar was able to successfully make it through the lean six sigma black belt curriculum and became certified, and helped to improve the certification process for those who came behind him. Oscar is an asset to any organization he joins.”

“I worked with Oscar for 1 1/2 years at Genesis10, where we were both part of the Business Consulting team. I found Oscar to be highly skilled in his work, someone who “focused on doing the right thing” and “did things right”. He possesses a great work ethic and a high level of integrity, and is loyal to both his employing organization and his teammates. Oscar has a great talent for balancing the needs and desires of his clients with the needs of his employer, ensuring a win-win scenario when he is involved in program, project or overall delivery management.

It would be my pleasure to work with Oscar again in any capacity. I consider him a trusted colleague and a voice of reason when others are losing perspective.”

Oscar's Signature Programs

This straight forward and no-nonsense based program is designed to produce a collaborative environment between leadership and team members that focuses on sharpening decision making skills that produce quicker results with speed and accuracy.

  • Develop the ability to effectively lead organizational change, build teams, and navigate challenging business conversations
  • Increase your ability to become situationally aware and adapt in complex, quickly changing environments
  • Uncover tried & true methods used by industry leaders to steer their teams during uncertain times
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This program is designed to help your leaders and team members eliminate the analysis paralysis syndrome found in most organizations. Attendees will benefit from special methods to move from theoretical concepts that slows speed-to-market, to accelerated ideations that will get your product to market on-time and within budget.

  • Eliminate theoretical overthinking to become more concerned with the here and now, with short-term decisions and risk management for immediate gains
  • Streamline leadership thinking to choose the best tactics or methods for each situation that arises, rather than following a particular standard procedure
  • Error-proof how your team(s) derive at meeting goals by helping them focus on the literal tactics, or maneuvers, that are needed to get what needs to be done—done
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This program is designed to help leaders eliminate the micromanagement style that is now outdated. Instead, we train leaders how to remove barriers for their team(s), enabling individuals to create, innovate, and charge full speed ahead.

  • Normalize macro-management leadership methods that put people first with a focus on communication styles, our mindset, and our sense of trust
  • Learn how the world’s most successful organizations treat employees as the most valuable organizational assets, investing available resources in them
  • Conceptualize how organizational success is really realized when everyone is doing what they do best
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This program is designed to provide leaders with technology-driven methodologies that will reveal how technology is silently reshaping how we view the concept and practices of leadership. This program will equip leaders and teams with innovative collaborative tools that harnesses cutting-edge new technologies to empower horizontal collaboration and participation across an organization.

  • Unlearn authoritative leadership styles and focus on the new role of leadership in a digitalized world
  • Grasp cutting-edge methods that will help your organization superimpose the latest technologies across line-of-business verticals, ensuring consistency in technology stack usage
  • Understand how the Fortune 100 & 500 companies are using artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to empower their teams to focus on more meaningful contributions to the workplace
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